Friday, 17 March 2017

A Pacific day out

Yesterday my group and I had fun exploring and watching people perform at the polyfest. Pt England seniors got the privilege to go and explore the polyfest and the manukau sports bowl. Polyfest has a bunch of stall where you can buy stuff but it also has people from different school performing.

One of the highlights would be eating food from our group teacher, Mrs Sio. There was a big amount of island food such as, Cook island donuts, Otai ( fruit drink ), Panikeke and, chop suey and heaps more. The food we ate was very delicious.

My second highlight was watching people perform on stages, We got to watch the Fijian but then we moved on. I also enjoyed watching different kinds of people dancing and people having competitions. The competition had loads of people competing. It had singing, and dancing battles going on, which I found it very interesting.

I think it is important to students because they learn about different cultures around and their traditions and also their language. I also think it’s important because it teaches you more about your own culture and stuff you didn’t know and what you wanted to know more about even different languages.

Going to the polyfest was very fun to go and I think Polyfest would be an awesome trip to go, especially if you're with a group of people. I would like to thank you Parent helpers and teacher for making this happen, I would like to thank you Mrs Sio for buying our group food and drinks.

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  1. Hi Presayus,
    You are all so lucky you got to go to the Polyfest! What day did you all go? I was there on Friday morning to watch my son Darius perform on the Samoan stage and then I had to get back to work.
    I hope going to the Polyfest inspires you to join groups when you get to high school.

    Love from Miss Lavakula